'Lisey's Story' Exclusive Clip: Julianne Moore Prepares To Take On Dane DeHaan In Stephen King's Apple TV+ Series

When we talk about prestige TV dramas on streaming services, we are typically discussing shows that have one A-lister or maybe a well-known filmmaker attached. However, when you talk about “Lisey’s Story,” from the top down, the show is jam-packed with massive talent that makes it a prestige-ier prestige drama than most.

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And in honor of the series continuing its run on Apple TV+, we’re thrilled to give our readers an exclusive look at a clip from an upcoming episode. For those unaware, “Lisey’s Story” has an all-star cast led by Julianne Moore and Clive Owen, and comes from acclaimed, award-winning director Pablo Larrain and is based on a novel by Stephen King. The story follows Lisey, as she deals with the fallout of the death of her writer husband, Scott, while also dealing with her crumbling family relationships, pressure from a publisher, and one psychotic fan.

Here’s the synopsis for Episode 6:

With Darla’s help, Lisey sets out to rescue Amanda so the three sisters can unite to take on Jim Dooley

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As mentioned, the Apple TV+ series stars Julianne Moore as Lisey alongside Clive Owen, Joan Allen, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Dane DeHaan, Ron Cephas Jones, and Sung Kang. The series comes from director Pablo Larrain and is written entirely by Stephen King, marking the first time the author has written the adaptation for his own work.

In our review of the series, we compliment Moore’s acting and say, “The most poignant spectacle of the series—its guiding light through King’s fog—is Moore’s performance. It’s a testament to her work here that she gives Lisey a great deal of agency, even when the script often casts her as a spectator, silently rediscovering memories. Moore keeps these many contemplative scenes active—not simply reactive—and her exquisite performance is just as intense as the work of her screaming, slashing, water-spewing cast-mates, but more finite.”

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Episode 6 of “Lisey’s Story” debuts on Friday, July 2, with the final two episodes following in the weeks to come. You can watch the exclusive clip below.