'I Love You, Daddy' Trailer: Louis C.K. Embraces Controversy

Louis C.K. has been in the news a lot recently, both for his recently premiered film “I Love You, Daddy,” whose first trailer was released today, and his refusal to answer personal questions about his past (noted in this NY Times article). His new film, in fact, seems to be courting controversy as our own Noel Murray’s B+ review talks about how the “challenging, at times mesmerizing feature film … dare[s] TV and movie bloggers to write tongue-clucking hot takes about it — while, at the same time, defying any simplistic unpacking of its ‘message.’ ”

As the movie debuted at TIFF without anyone knowing the plot beforehand, the film has no official synopsis. Yet, the film follows C.K. as a rich TV writer Glen and Chloe Grace Moretz as his 17 year old daughter China who comes to live with him during her senior year of high school. While Glen and China go on a trip to the Hamptons, they encounter revered film director Leslie (John Malkovich), who has a legacy for seducing minors (making the parallels to both Woody Allen and Roman Polanski quite obvious). You can guess what happens between China and Leslie.

In typical Louis C.K. fashion he co-wrote (with Vernon Chatman), directed, edited, and stars in the film. Additional co-stars include Rose Byrne, Helen Hunt, Pamela Adlon, and Charlie Day and the film was shot by regular “Louie” cinematographer Paul Koestner in 35mm black and white (echoing Allen’s own “Manhattan”).

“I Love You, Daddy” opens on November 17th.