Mads Mikkelsen Says "Hannibal's' Popularity On Netflix Has "Revitalized" Discussions About Season 4

It’s been nearly six years since “Hannibal” ended its run on NBC. The series was seemingly expected to be picked up for a fourth season but the network surprisingly canceled the acclaimed thriller, leaving fans to wonder what might have happened next. Then the show arrived on Netflix and found an entirely new audience, making “Hannibal” more popular now than ever before, leading to even more questions about a possible fourth season. Well, adding some fuel to that fire is the series’ star Mads Mikkelsen, who played Hannibal Lecter in those first three seasons, who thinks the growing fanbase is creating more conversation about a possible return to the serial killer world.

Speaking on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Mikkelsen was asked about the future of “Hannibal” and if there is a feeling that a fourth season could be in the works. And though he didn’t confirm anything, the actor sure did make it seem like there are talks happening.

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Mikkelsen said that since the series “has found a new home on Netflix, the talks have been revitalized…I don’t think you’d find a member of the cast that is still alive that would say, “No, thanks.’ We all enjoyed it tremendously.”

Of course, fan interest combined with a cast willing to return doesn’t mean that Netflix or NBC will somehow fork over the cash to make a fourth season. So, at this point, it’s all just optimistic teasing. As far as considering the series “unfinished business,” the actor doesn’t buy that at all.

“Unfinished? No,” he explained. “Creative showrunners always have a way to end the season because no one knows if there’s going to be a next one. So there was always that feeling of, ‘Well, that was it.’”

Mikkelsen added, “Having said that, the third season, after that, we were pretty sure we’re getting a fourth. That was not the feeling after the first or the second. But the third [season], we were pretty sure.”

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For years now, we’ve heard from Mikkelsen and the show’s creator, Bryan Fuller, that a fourth season of “Hannibal” could happen. Even recently, it’s been teased that the extended gap between seasons could somehow be worked into the story of Lecter and Will Graham. But until someone writes a check, “Hannibal” fans are still not guaranteed more episodes of the serial killer drama. But hey, keep watching it on Netflix and spreading the word. Crazier things have happened.