Director Mamoru Hosoda made waves in 2018 with his Oscar-nominated film “Mirai.” Three years later, he’s back with his follow-up “Belle.” The movie is poised to be just as enchanting and captivating as its predecessor.

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“Belle,” tells a story that will speak to many people coming out the other side of the coronavirus pandemic. The animated film follows a young girl named Suzu who is sinking deep into depression. She finds solace in a virtual world called “U,” in which she is a famous singer and gains millions of followers. “Belle” follows her journey in accepting who she really is, inside the game and in real life.

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Kaho Nakamura leads the voice cast of “Belle” in her first film credit. Kenjirô Tsuda (“Boruto: Naruto Next Generations“), Mamoru Miyano (“Death Note“), Kôji Yakusho (“13 Assassins“), Ryô Narita (“Taking the Pictures“) join her in the cast. Here’s a look at the official summary for “Belle:”

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“Belle” follows Suzu, a 17-year-old high school student living in a rural village with her father. For years she has only been a shadow of herself. One day, she enters “U,” a virtual world of 5 billion members on the Internet. There, she is not Suzu anymore but Belle, a world-famous singer. She soon meets with a mysterious creature. Together, they embark on a journey of adventures, challenges, and love, in their quest of becoming who they truly are.

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“Belle” will be released in Japan on July 16. Other release dates have yet to be announced, so keep an eye out. Take a look at the new trailer for “Belle” below.