The more things change, the more Michael Bay stays the same. The director best known for explosions, patriotism, product placement, “Transformers,” and Victoria’s Secret ads now has a RED Digital camera bearing his name. And he has introduced it to the world in the most Michael Bay way possible.

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Hitting Instagram, the director reveals his new camera, painted Nike green for “advertising purposes” obviously, with Bay praising its small size and ease of use in the best way he knows how: by “selling panties with it.” Michael Bay might have reached Peak Michael Bay. Here’s his full pitch:

“You know what this is? This camera? It’s called a Bayhem. It’s the only one in the world. RED made it for me. They asked me what color should I paint it, black, red, whatever — I said listen guys, you’re doing it for advertising purposes? Why don’t we just paint it f*ck you green. So this is Nike green. The reason why it’s Nike green is because it’s a very nimble 8K, perfectly ergonomically balanced, the way I like this with the handles. Alright?

“It does have its own little megatron medallion on it. And here we are selling panties with it.”

Check out the full video below, scored to Hans Zimmer‘s “What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World” from the “Man Of Steel” soundtrack. [Filmdrunk]