Without a doubt, when the awards nominations begin to get announced, we’ll likely hear the film “Parasite” and director Bong Joon-ho brought up quite a bit. Not only was “Parasite” the big winner of the coveted Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, but the family drama has been a surprise success at the box office for NEON. And this success has led to the distributor deciding to raid the Bong vault, so to speak, for what many consider his greatest masterpiece, “Memories of Murder.”

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According to Variety, NEON has acquired the distribution rights to “Memories of Murder,” with the plan to launch the film with a new theatrical release and Blu-ray. The 2003 crime thriller follows the true story of the first serial killer in South Korea. Earlier this year, ‘Memories’ found itself in the headlines yet again, almost two decades after its release, due to the fact that South Korean authorities announced they have discovered the identity of the killer after years of investigation.

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As mentioned, at least around The Playlist watercooler, “Memories of Murder” is arguably the finest film from Bong Joon-ho, in a filmography that includes other projects such as “The Host,” “Snowpiercer,” and “Okja.” Even though “Parasite” is the film that everyone is talking about in 2019, ‘Memories’ is a film that proved that Bong is a true master at what he does more than 15 years ago.

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No word on when the release might take place, but if “Parasite” gets some Golden Globes and Oscar love, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to release “Memories of Murder” in time to add a little bit of extra oomph to the awards campaign.