Fans Petition For Release Of Zack Snyder's Cut Of 'Justice League'

Ask any diehard Zack Snyder fan, and they’ll swear to you, the extended cut of “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” fixes all the problems of the inept theatrical version. It was the silver lining they clung to following the disappointment of that film, and now they’re seeking a new life preserver in the wake of “Justice League.” The film’s rocky start at the box office and dismal reviews have started the finger pointing about where it all went wrong, but it’s clear the mishmash of Snyder and Whedon’s visions didn’t leave either director looking their best. Now, fans are seeking “Justice League” the way Snyder intended.

A petition, created by Roberto Mata of San Juan, Puerto Rico, makes a rather lengthy and sometimes CAPS LOCK-ed plea for Warner Bros. to release Zack Snyder’s cut of “Justice League” along with the score by Junkie XL, who was originally hired, but replaced by Danny Elfman, as the film went into post-production. They want to see Snyder’s movie as he intended on home video, with the score he wanted, and with a runtime of his choosing, not the studio mandated two hours.

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It’s a request that’s gaining some steam as leaked footage of deleted scenes circulated the internet over the weekend. The seven clips — fully detailed by Comicbook — have been taken down but include a lot more Cyborg, Kiersey Clemons‘ Iris West being rescued by Ezra Miller‘s The Flash, and a bit more of Martha Kent reuniting with her son.

Whether or not this missing material — and surely there’s more — makes the movie better is anybody’s guess. It’s also unfinished, and given that Warner Bros. might take a hit on “Justice League” — which reportedly needs to earn $700-750 million to wind up turning any kind of profit — they’re probably not in the mood to throw any more money at this movie than they have to.

If you feeling like playing for Team Snyder, you can sign the petition here. [io9]