Given the slew of recent Marvel Netflix cancellations, there’s certainly some cause for concern regarding the future of the remaining two series (“Jessica Jones” and “The Punisher“). If there’s one show, however, that fights to stay alive, it’s without a doubt “The Punisher,” which is fitting given the nature of the character. With Season 2 set to drop this Friday and garnering mostly a similar reception to the previous season, it’s possible we could see Frank Castle live to fight another day.

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“The Punisher” Season 2 finds Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) attempting to reassimilate back into society after completing his revenge mission in Season 1. Frank may have moved on, but Billy Russo (Ben Barnes)and Agent Dinah Madani (Amber Rose Revah) remain visibly affected by the carnage carried out at the end of last season. After saving a girl (Giorgia Whigham) who’s being hunted down by a religious assassin, Frank is forced to decide whether he should walk away or embrace life as the Punisher.

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We recently sat down and spoke with Bernthal, series new-comer Whigham, Barnes, and Revah about Season 2. We discussed the focus on trauma this season, the look of Barnes’ Jigsaw, more creative and elaborate action set pieces, and what’s in store for Frank’s future to which Bernthal optimistically stated, “I think there’s a lot more of Frank to come, somewhere down the road, and you know, I’ll be excited to find out.”

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Check out our full conversations with the cast of “The Punisher” below along with our review of “The Punisher ” Season 2. All 13 Episodes of “The Punisher” Season 2 are available to watch on Netflix right now.