Rare 1-Hour Japanese Documentary Goes Behind-The-Scenes With Steven Spielberg

Throughout his four decade career, Steven Spielberg has delivered a wide range of emotions to audiences; he’s made us cry; he’s made us laugh; he’s created archetypal characters, scenes, and films that changed the course of cinematic history. The highest grossing filmmaker to date, Spielberg is more than a household name; he’s also accepted and praised by the industry, and lauded by his peers (KubrickBergman, and Scorsese to name a few).

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In this old-yet-new Japanese documentary (via Slashfilm), those looking for a behind the scenes look at the director in his heyday can look no further. It’s an in depth look at Spielberg in his early 30s, with “E.T.,” “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “Jaws,” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” already behind him, and “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” up ahead.

There are scenes with friend Robert Zemeckis, and others that show the director working on “Twilight Zone: The Movie.” Visit Spielberg’s rarely seen home; watch him be playful with a magnifying glass; pretend your dining together over a sushi lunch. The film is enlightening and heartwarming; Spielberg makes an interesting and fun subject for his documentarians, and though it runs about an hour, it certainly leaves you wanting more.