Superhero movies, as you’d probably guess, are incredibly secretive, but so is Christopher Nolan. Turns out, the man who directed “The Prestige” also knows a thing or two about secrets and tricks. Just ask Robert Pattinson, who tried to hide his audition for “The Batman” from Nolan while filming “Tenet,” but couldn’t keep a secret for the filmmaker, who immediately guessed what was going on.

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Speaking with The Irish Times, the cast of “Tenet” talked about the filming of the sci-fi thriller, which is definitely coming out this year. After John David Washington joked about not being able to resist the excitement and telling his mom about being cast in the film, Pattinson talked about his own experience trying to keep secrets around Nolan.

“It’s funny because Chris is so secretive about everything to do with his movies,” said Pattinson, who went straight from “Tenet” into shooting “The Batman,” before production was halted this past February. “And then I had to be really secretive about Batman stuff. So I had to lie to Chris about having to go for a screen test – I said I had a family emergency. And as soon as I said ‘it’s a family emergency’ he said: ‘You’re doing the Batman addition, aren’t you?'”

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It’s easy to assume that Nolan, working with Warner Bros. and with enough cred to be in the know about big projects at the studio, would probably know when they were casting “The Batman” — let alone that one of his main actors was in talks to audition. But it is still curious how fast Nolan guessed what was happening, especially when you consider Pattinson has a reputation for being able to come up with crazy and totally made-up stories on the spot, particularly during interviews and talk show appearances.