There has been a lot of talk about how the James Bond franchise should adapt and change with the times, and how it should maybe include more diversity by having including a female James Bond. But one thing that is not discussed often enough is how the franchise could use more and better female villains. Well, it seems like Saoirse Ronan wants to throw her name in the hat.

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In a new interview with MTV News to promote her role in the film “Ammonite,” Ronan talked about not doing a lot of big films during her career so far, “because I’ve gone up for big things and I just haven’t gotten them as well.” That being said, the four-time Oscar-nominated actress does have aspirations for big franchises. “I would love to do a Bond,” Ronan said. “What I really want to is like, I want to play a villain in a Bond film, or something like that. That’d be incredible. But I’d love to do something really fucking big.”

Though there have been female Bond films in the past, they usually get relegated to sidekicks and henchmen rather than main masterminds, and most of them have a change of heart during the film. One of the few Bond villains that remained evil was Rosamunde Pike‘s Miranda Frost in “Die Another Day,” but even then there are few and far between.

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Seeing a fresh new villain may be another way to revitalize the franchise, and having a four-time Oscar nominee as your villain doesn’t sound that bad, does it? Especially when that actress already played the perfect assassin in the film “Hanna.”