New Sexual Assault Allegations Come Out Against Filmmaker Luc Besson

Several months ago, filmmaker Luc Besson was accused of sexual assault by an actress that had worked with him previously on a couple projects. While the investigation into what happened that night is still ongoing, it prompted the French outlet Mediapart to dig a little deeper. In a new report, more women are coming forward claiming to have experienced various levels of inappropriate sexual behavior from the famous French director.

In the very lengthy article, Mediapart has information regarding several different women, who have all been witness to Besson’s alleged transgressions. One person coming forward with information is none other than one of the filmmakers casting crew from 2000 to 2005, who said that the filmmaker forced himself on her on multiple occasions. The details are pretty disgusting, but she alleges that Besson asked her multiple times for fellatio and when she would refuse, he would force himself on her and touch her.

Another woman comes forward with claims that Besson had allegedly arranged a callback meeting in his hotel room where he trapped her and and threw himself on her to kiss her and touch her. She describes having to throw herself on the floor to escape, and run out of the room.

One other instance occurred with an employee of Besson’s company EuropaCorp. She claims that Besson forced a kiss, and as has been claimed by other women, he tried to touch her inappropriately. She alleges that even when she said no, he would still make advances to her and they would progressively get worse.

Besson has yet to comment on these new allegations, but has steadfastly denied the previous claims from months ago. When Mediapart asked for comment, Besson’s lawyer said that he didn’t want to comment on an ongoing investigation.

These allegations come at a time when Besson’s company, EuropaCorp, is struggling, financially. After a string of box office disappointments, led by his recent film ‘Valerian,’ EuropaCorp has been in the middle of restructuring, with rumors that Netflix may be interested in buying out the company.