Lost in the drama about whether or not Sony would let Disney have a piece of that ‘Spider-Man’ goodness is the fact that “Spider-Man: Far From Home” was just released a matter of months ago. With all this talk about ‘Spider-Man 3’ and whatever the future of the franchise holds, fans just simply forgot that we just got a pretty great sequel not too long ago. Well, thanks to Screen Junkies and their Honest Trailer, we can relive all the good…and bad of ‘Far From Home.’

And much in the same way that the Marvel Studios films seem to get semi-congratulatory Honest Trailers, the people at Screen Junkies didn’t really use the new almost-six-minute video to trash the latest ‘Spider-Man’ film. Sure, there are flaws, such as the fact that the main, slightly pedestrian premise, is overshadowed by a ton of MCU crossover material and the fallout from “Avengers: Endgame.” But overall, ‘Far From Home’ is a good film, and there’s not a ton of horrible issues to make fun of.

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But you know what is ripe for poking fun at? MJ’s new role as the Debby Downer of the MCU. While previously, MJ, played in Raimi’s trilogy by Kirsten Dunst, was bubbly, sweet, and a tad bit, uh, unintelligent (don’t @ me, it’s the truth), the version of the character in Marvel Studios’ new franchise is a conspiracy theory-obsessed science whiz that has a tendency to ruin sweet moments with the awkward truth about whatever landmark they’re currently on top of. Debby Downer lives!

Even with all the jokes, there’s actually one moment of the trailer, towards the end, that is a pretty interesting observation about how non-MCU directors probably look at the people responsible for the recent domination of superhero films at the box office, as performed by the incomparable Jake Gyllenhaal. Let’s just say that there’s an unexpected reading of that monologue that is pretty amazing.

You can watch the full trailer below: