Star Trek” has had a massive presence at this year’s Comic-Con@Home. This morning, an all-star mega-panel occurred as part of the event, teasing multiple projects set in CBS All Access’ rapidly expanding ‘Trek’-verse, and it was just as epic as we could’ve hoped. In addition to discussions about current series, such as ‘Picard‘ and ‘Discovery,’ the panel really took time to highlight new additions to the universe, ‘Lower Decks‘ and the upcoming ‘Prodigy.’

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The panel featured “Star Trek: Lower Decks,” an animated comedy set in the belly of the U.S.S. Cerritos. Captains and high-ranking Vulcans are nowhere to be found down here. The blue-collar, red-clad crew members are but cogs in the Starfleet machine, and showrunner Mike McMahan and his cast are keen on involving fans in their world. During the panel, McMahan and the cast walked fans through the “Lower Decks” story, trading quips and hinting at what fans can expect from its August 6 premiere. No grunts, no glory, right?

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Also getting some love today was the new Nickelodeon series, “Star Trek: Prodigy,” from “Trollhunters” writers Kevin and Dan Hageman and showrunner Ramsey Naito. As the channel might suggest, ‘Prodigy’ differs from the rest of the ‘Trek’ output by being particularly all-ages and aimed primarily at a younger audience. You gotta get those fans young! The series follows a young group of teens that find an old Starfleet ship and go off on their own adventures. You can see the logo reveal below (via Deadline).

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While the TV side of “Star Trek” has grown into a multi-story behemoth (mostly thanks to CBS All Access and “Discovery”), the franchise’s film side has suffered greatly in recent years. The most recent entry, Star Trek Beyond, hit theaters back in 2016, and yet a follow-up hasn’t made it to theaters (nor is it even close to being made). Luckily, with content like this satiating them, Trekkers don’t need a big-budget blockbuster to get their ‘Star Trek’ fix.

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Comic-Con@Home is happening all weekend long.