Video Essay Asks, "What Do We Want From A Star Wars Movie?"

It’s been some time now since audiences and critics have digested and fought over  Rian Johnson‘s polarizing “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” The most controversial of the recent series, “Last Jedi” sparked furious debate amongst casual fans, devoted followers, and critics alike. But it’s undeniable, whether you’re a fan or casual observer, the “Star Wars” franchise has become an integral part of our pop culture present and past. So what do we want from a “Star Wars” movie?

This exact question is dissected into multiple parts in a video essay by Patrick (H) Willems. Willems takes his time analyzing the history and fandom surrounding the original trilogy, the time elapsed up until the prequels, and the boundaries that are being pushed in the latest trilogy and sub-stories. A lot of Willems analysis rests within the fan community surrounding “Star Wars;” specifically, the group of fans who didn’t have the chance to see the original trilogy in theaters, but instead grew up watching the films on VHS tapes, and then reading more through the expanded universe. Willems’s main argument throughout revolve around fandom expectation based on years of collected knowledge.

One of the ways ‘The Last Jedi’ worked for many moviegoers was that it introduced concepts within the realm of the “Star Wars” universe that hadn’t been explored previously. But this, however, is also a reason why devoted fans found the recent addition to the “Star Wars” canon divisive and devoid of the feelings spurred by watching the original films. Willems final advice on the subject is to hop in a time machine, convert the latest films to VHS, and deliver them to your young self. In this way, we’re taking away any preconceived notions or high expectations of what we feel we want or deserve from the “Star Wars” films.