It took more than a decade of grinding it out both on television and at the movies, but David Harbour finally got the due he deserved and a helluva a role in last year’s breakout Netflix hit, “Stranger Things.” As a result, more doors are likely opening for the actor, though he’s no stranger to blockbusters, having popped up in “Suicide Squad,” “The Green Hornet,” “Quantum Of Solace,” and “The Equalizer.” Still, none of those projects are “Deadpool 2.”

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The Wrap reports that Harbour is being eyed and has screen-tested to play Cable in the highly anticipated sequel. I’d place a pretty good wager there are other actors on the table. Rumors have been flying around for months now about various people being sought or wanted for the role, and there was chatter that Ryan Reynolds nixed the idea of Kyle Chandler playing the part (something Tim Miller, who was formerly attached to make the follow-up, has denied).

So, something to consider at any rate, but we’ll see if this actually pans out or not. But let us know in the comments section if you think Harbour would make a good Cable.