'Street Fighter': 'Talk To Me' Directors Depart Video Game Film

Some sad news today about the fate of the “Street Fighter” film. Apparently, the high-profile video game adaptation is losing its directors, who are some of the most interesting young filmmakers working today. There is no two ways around it—this is a big loss for the film.

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According to THR, Danny and Michael Philippou have officially left the “Street Fighter” film. Based on the massively popular video game franchise, the film would have featured fighters having to do battle against each other…on the street. Well, in more places than the street, but you get the picture. I’m sure everyone remembers the 1994 film that stars Jean-Claude Van Damme, or at least the 2009 ‘Legend of Chun-Li’ which stars Chris Klein and launched a million memes.

The Philippou brothers are coming off the huge breakout success of the A24 film, “Talk to Me.” That film instantly put the directing duo on the map as some of the best genre filmmakers working today. But it appears that scheduling has come between them and the “Street Fighter” gig. 

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Instead of “Street Fighter, the directors are said to begin production on a new A24 film, “Bring Her Back,” which stars Sally Hawkins. The report claims that Legendary was hoping to begin production on the video game adaptation relatively soon, but that would conflict with “Bring Her Back,” which is going to begin production later this month. 

It’s too soon to know when we might see another director take on the film. If the studio is really this close to bringing it into production, then we could see “Street Fighter” land a new helmer sooner rather than later.