In a cast full of unsung heroes there might not be one more important to the tone of HBO’s “Succession” than Nicholas Braun. His character, Greg Hirsch (aka Cousin Greg), is the outsider trying to fit in among his ravenous billionaire relatives, the Roys. And without Braun delivering to the audience someone charmingly naive and, dare we say it, well-intentioned, the formula for Jesse Armstrong‘s Peabody-winning hit might fall like a house of cards.

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As he discusses during our conversation in the latest episode of the Four Quadrant podcast, Braun, like his co-stars, expected to be shooting the third season of the HBO series this month. The coronavirus pandemic put a stop to that and Braun reveals that much of the cast and crew including Jeremy Strong and Sarah Snook are still overseas. But the good news is that even if a new season of “Succession” is delayed well into 2021 (perish the thought), he has an already celebrated performance in Janicza Bravo’s “Zola” to get ready to promote. The A24 release debuted at the Sundance Film Festival and was expected to be a major art house player this summer. It still will, eventually (we hope).

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