'Teenage Badass' Exclusive Clip: Joining Stylo & The Murder Dogs Isn't Easy In This SXSW Comedy

There’s an inherent problem with marketing a comedy film. It’s the same issue that haunts horror films. How much do you give away in the trailers? Often, trailers give away all the best jokes in the two minutes of footage used to entice folks to spend money to watch the film on the big screen. Clips are the way to go, as proven by our exclusive footage from the upcoming comedy “Teenage Badass,” which serves as a great tease for a hilarious film without giving away the best parts.

We’re absolutely thrilled to offer our readers an exclusive clip from the SXSW selection, “Teenage Badass. The comedy is about the rise of an indie rock band, Stylo and the Murder Dogs. Already, just by the name of the band, you know this is going to be a fun time. Audiences follow along as young drummer, Brad, dreams of becoming a badass drummer and joining the rock band.

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In the exclusive clip, we see Brad’s audition, which admittedly doesn’t go completely to plan. Sure, he has the drive to join the band, as we see him literally push a competing drummer out of the way, but he just doesn’t have the tempo. And, yes, he wears drummer gloves.

The film stars Mcabe Gregg, Evan Ultra, Madelyn Deutch, Dillon Lane, Elsie Hewitt, Karsen Liotta, Julie Ann Emery, Kevin Corrigan, James Paxton, and Jim Adkins. “Teenage Badass” is directed by Grant McCord, who co-wrote the script alongside Matthew D. Dho. The film marks the feature directorial debut for McCord.

“Teenage Badass” was selected to take part in this year’s SXSW Film Festival. Of course, we know that the event was eventually canceled due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Hopefully, it won’t be long before the film will arrive in theaters because judging by this clip, ‘Badass’ looks like a lot of fun.

Here’s the synopsis:

Teenage Badass tells the story of the rise of a fictional indie rock band named Stylo and the Murder Dogs. Set in 2006, we follow Brad (Mcabe Gregg), a teenage drummer who dreams of making it big in a rock band. Brad and his single-mother Rae (Julie Ann Emery) struggle to get by as Brad refuses to give up. On a fluke, Brad joins a new band fronted by singer/songwriter Kirk Stylo. They land a shot to play on a local news show. With the town buzzing from their performance, Brad’s dreams inch closer when they’re asked to record with Jordan (Kevin Corrigan), a legendary local producer. Just as everything seems to be falling into place, a series of chaotic events threaten everything.