'The Greatest Beer Run Ever' Trailer: Zac Efron Stars In Boozy Vietnam Odyssey

What’s the furthest you’ve traveled to enjoy a drink with your friends? Across town? Across the country? Odds are that seaman John “Chick” Donohue has one-upped you. Back in 1968, Donohue embarked on an extraordinary odyssey: to lug a backpack of beer over to Vietnam, chop his way through the trees, and share a not-so-cold one with his childhood buddies on the frontline. Along the way, he saw jungle firefights, got mistaken for a CIA operative, and, as he was due to leave, found himself in the middle of the infamous Tet Offensive. Unbelievably, Donohue lived to tell the tale, and his wild adventure became the New York Times bestseller: “The Greatest Beer Run Ever.” William Morrow published Donohue’s memoir in November 2020, but it’s already set to hit the big screen, courtesy of Skydance and Apple TV+, this fall

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Fresh off his drier-than-Dune appearance in “Gold,” Zac Efron plays Chick, with supporting performances from Russell Crowe, Bill Murray, Jake Picking, Will Ropp, Archie Renaux, and Kyle Allen. “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” is director Peter Farrelly’s first film since his Deep South drama “Green Book,” which picked up Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actor (Mahershala Ali) at the 91st Academy Awards.

Here’s the official synopsis:

To show support for his neighborhood friends serving in Vietnam, Chickie Donohue (Zac Efron) decides to do something totally outrageous: travel to the frontline by himself to bring the soldiers a little piece of home — their favorite can of American beer. However, what started as a well-meaning journey quickly turns into the adventure of a lifetime as Chickie confronts the reality of this controversial war and his reunions with his childhood buddies thrust him into the complexities and responsibilities of adulthood. Based on an incredible true story, “The Greatest Beer Run Ever” is a heartfelt coming-of-age tale about friendship, loyalty, and sacrifice.

“The Greatest Beer Run Ever” premieres September 30 in theaters and streaming on Apple TV+. Watch the new trailer below.