French film site Premiere has lived up to its name and unveiled three new video clips from Lars Von Trier’s not entirely successful, but intensely creepy “Antichrist.”

The divisive horror film, which stars William Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg, follows a couple’s experiences in an isolated cabin where they have retreated to after the death of their child. The film has been making headlines recently after a flurry of controversy sparked from its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival which was booed by some festival goers and lauded by others (critics are similarly divided).

The first video clip features Gainsbourg’s unnamed female protagonist as she recounts an incident of hearing a baby’s cry believing it to be that her lost child.

The second clip finds both Gainsbourg’s and Dafoe’s unnamed protagonists cryptically discussing acorns, fear and Satan’s church.

The last video again the two protagonist this time amidst a seemingly calm conversation that ends with a death threat.

“Antichrist” has just been picked by IFC Film for release later this year. We didn’t love it, but the film does have admirable qualities to it, including an excellent first half.