'To Catch A Killer' Trailer: Shailene Woodley & Ben Mendelsohn Are On The Hunt For A Serial Killer In New Thriller From 'Wild Tales' Director

Thanks to the massive number of true-crime docs on streaming services, there are a ton of armchair detectives, all thinking they can help crack the case. Well, in the new film, “To Catch a Killer,” an FBI reject gets the chance to prove her worth while tracking down a prolific murderer.

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As seen in the new trailer for “To Catch a Killer,” Shailene Woodley stars as a beat cop who finds herself in a situation with an unknown sniper taking shots at random strangers from a building. When an FBI agent (Ben Mendelsohn) is brought in to investigate the aftermath, he notices something special about Woodley’s character and invites her in to help him, uh, catch the killer. The film definitely feels a bit like “Silence of the Lambs” meets “Seven.” However, those are mighty big shoes to fill, so let’s just hope it’s a decent film before we start to go crazy with comparisons. 

Joining Woodley and Mendelsohn in the cast are Jovan Adepo, Ralph Ineson, and Rosemary Dunsmore. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the film is the fact that Damián Szifron is on board to direct. Szifron is a Brazilian filmmaker who is best known for the excellent breakout film, “Wild Tales.” That’s the last film he directed, which was way back in 2014, though Hollywood came knocking immediately and tried to attach him to several projects that eventually fell apart, including an adaptation o the “Six Million Dollar Man” with Mark Wahlberg. Needless to say, folks have been waiting to see his follow-up for a long time now. 

“To Catch a Killer” is set to arrive in theaters on April 21. You can watch the trailer below.