Todd Haynes Working On A Series About Freud For Amazon Studios

Things have been slightly quiet on the Todd Haynes front as of late given the muted response to his last film, the adaptation of author Brian Selznick‘s “Wonderstruck.”  However, late last week, the Cannes Film Festival honored Haynes’ frequent collaborator, director of photography Edward Lachman. Naturally, Haynes attended to celebrate the esteemed cinematographer and friend who has worked on several of his including “Carol,” and “Far From Heaven,” among other titles.

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While in France, the director revealed he has yet another project in the works with Amazon Studios: a series on famous neurologist Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis. Fun fact, Haynes is actually an avid reader of Freud’s work as detailed in this interview with INTO magazine. The director will likely reunite with Lachman for the project. Presumably, it’s a mini-series, but no other details were offered from the tweets several journalists wrote during Cannes.

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A series on Freud would be the second collaboration with Amazon Studios, the company that released “Wonderstruck.” Haynes spoke about the series months ago, but wouldn’t reveal much. At the time he said the series would, “re-examine a figure who maybe we forget how radical they were in their thinking because they were so incorporated into our culture and outlook as a modern society” which makes more sense now that we understand he’s talking about Freud.

The Amazon series would seem to overtake at least one project in the works, a limited series based on events that really occurred in the early ’70s in L.A. based on the The Source Family’ documentary that he announced in 2015.

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One film that seemingly won’t be in the works at Amazon is a documentary on The Velvet Underground. Made official this past January, the VU documentary is being made with the participation of Polygram Entertainment and Verve Label Group, the record labels that control The Velvet Underground’s music. Presumably, they’ll have their own ideas of distribution, but it’s a few years off so we shall see.