We can all agree that the stories in 99% of comic books are fiction. Superman doesn’t exist. Captain America (sadly) is just a creation that exists in the made-up Marvel Universe. But what if a comic book did predict the future and was filled with hidden secrets of our society? That’s what happens in the upcoming Amazon series, “Utopia.”

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As seen in the first full trailer for “Utopia,” Amazon’s series is created and written by Gillian Flynn, based on a UK series of the same name, and tells the story of a group of comic book fans that discover the story being told in the popular comic book is true and that it means the world is on the brink of destruction. But obviously, who’s going to believe a bunch of conspiracy theorist fans?

Interestingly, it appears the series also deals with the ideal of a pandemic that wreaks havoc on the country. Obviously, this series was filmed well before COVID-19, but it goes to show you that the idea of a pandemic being what possibly destroys the Earth is something that is scary and all-too-real.

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The series stars John Cusack, Rainn Wilson, Ashleigh LaThrop, Dan Byrd, Jessica Rothe, Desmin Borges, Javon “Wanna” Walton, and Sasha Lane. As mentioned, it’s written by Gillian Flynn, who is the best-selling author and writer of David Fincher’sGone Girl.” In fact, the Fincher connection actually includes “Utopia,” as the filmmaker was instrumental in the development of the American version but eventually left when the series moved to Amazon from HBO.

“Utopia” is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on September 25. You can watch the trailer below.

Here’s the synopsis:

When the conspiracy in the elusive comic Utopia is real, a group of young fans come together to embark on a high-stakes twisted adventure to use what they uncover to save themselves, each other, and ultimately humanity.