He’s been called the Lizard King, the Iceman, the Dark Knight, and is perpetually applying for the post of your Huckleberry. Val Kilmer is one of the most fascinating and elusive screen presences of the last 40 years. In the wake of Kilmer’s new memoir, your Be Reel hosts chronicle the highlights of a roller-coaster career from 1984 to present.

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The questions are as high-minded and difficult as the actor’s persona: Is Kilmer the most talented actor of his generation? Could anyone have evoked Jim Morrison the way he did in “The Doors” (1991)? Was he an underrated comic actor from the beginning in spoofs like “Top Secret!” (1984)?

But if that’s true, why was he done making high-profile work by his forties? Why was his Bruce Wayne so unwatchably stiff? Why did a no-holds-barred attempt to capitalize on his sheer ability like “The Saint” (1997) fail so miserably?

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We certainly acknowledge there are far more important things in the world right now, but we hope you’ll come along with us when you can, at least from “Real Genius” to “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.”

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