Watch: The 'Ghostbusters' Gang Encounter Evil In New Trailer For Paul Feig's Reboot

Director Paul Feig got into some hot water recently when he declared, “Geek culture is home to some of the biggest a——s I’ve ever met in my life. Especially after being attacked by them for months because of this ‘Ghostbusters’ project.” And while there are legitimate quibbles to be had about what we’ve seen so far from the movie, one could understand his frustration at the uglier corners of fandom who can’t wrap their brain around women in leading roles. But Feig has since cooled down a bit.

“The ‘a******s’ of which I speak are the ones who live online, who write those hateful tweets and posts and comments,” he said in a series of tweets. “The geek world has been a haven for so many of us and we should all refuse to let these bullies hijack the conversations and debates we all love to engage in, nor should we let them represent our community and culture to the rest of the world.”

“The bullies are not the norm and I would dare say they are not even true geeks. They are the micro minority. God bless the true geeks of the world and here’s to taking our community back from the bullies,” he added.

Well, assholes, true geeks and bullies will all be having their say about the new “Ghostbusters” trailer, so maybe Feig will want to stay off the internet for the next few days. Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones strap on the proton packs while Charles Dance, Michael Kenneth Williams and Chris Hemsworth lend their support. And don’t forget, the original “Ghostbusters” cast will be back too, albeit in different roles.

Watch the new trailer above and let us know if it still has paranormal problems, or if it has renewed your faith that it might be a good time. “Ghostbusters” opens on July 15th.