While we had mixed feelings about the first episode of TNT‘s “Animal Kingdom” when we saw it at the Tribeca Film Festival, the series based on David Michod‘s acclaimed Australian crime film still holds a potent allure. With the story relocated to the sweaty environs of California, and with Ellen Barkin sinking her teeth into the meaty lead role as the mastermind matriarch, the potential for something special is there. And TNT is certainly gung ho to get audiences invested.

The studio has dropped a massive, eleven-minute preview that takes viewers straight into the world of the series. The video starts with teenage Joshua “J” Cody (Finn Cole) being introduced to his extended, grimy, family following the death of his mother, which is a pretty nice introduction to the rest of the ensemble that will help carry the show. And it caps with a brief trailer highlighting what will be coming in the season ahead.

“Animal Kingdom” debuts on June 14th. Watch the preview below. [JoBlo]