So listen, everyone likes to make fun of Nicolas Cage for the string of crap movies he makes. But seriously, what is dude supposed to do when he makes a movie like David Gordon Green‘s “Joe“—which he invested a lot of time on (for probably little pay), and which everyone called a return to form—and no one goes to see it? Seriously, it made $340,000 at the box office—total. So who can blame the guy for taking an easy paycheck when one comes his way? You asked for this people.

And so, here’s the latest trailer for “Rage” (formerly known as “Tokarev“), and yeah, it looks like garbage. Danny Glover and Peter Stormare co-star in this cheap-looking thriller about a former criminal on the hunt for his daughter’s kidnappers while trying not to slip back into his old violent ways. Paco Cabezas (“Neon Flesh”) directs this thing, where it looks like every scene was done in one take, whether or not it was any good. You can practically sense everyone dreaming about what they’ll spend their pay from the movie on.

So check it out below, but seriously, give Cage a break—he went and did an acclaimed indie and everyone decided not to go. “Rage” will open later this year.