Nicolas Cage Tokarev

We’re not sure what language “Tokarev” comes from, but we can only guess that translated into English it means, “collecting a pay check.”  Boasting low budgets and a pretty wheezy storyline, it’s a reminder that for every decent movie Nicolas Cage does—like David Gordon Green‘s upcoming “Joe“—he’s got about five more of these bargain bin efforts in the can.

Co-starring Danny Glover and Peter Stormare, this effort comes from writers Jim Agnew and Sean Keller (the duo behind Dario Argento’s awful “Giallo”) and director Paco Cabezas (“Neon Flesh”), and tells the story of a former criminal on the hunt for his daughter’s kidnappers while trying not to slip back into his old violent ways. On the plus side, “Tokarev” looks like it could at least bring forth some more classic Cage animated gifs. On the minus side, it otherwise looks pretty unwatchable.

The movie will drop sometime in 2014. Until then, watch below. [JoBlo]