Watch: “We Saw Your Junk” Song Responds To Seth MacFarlane's Oscar Tune "We Saw Your Boobs"

nullGod bless the internet and modern technology, or pehaps take it as a sign as to how much of a misfire the Oscars were on Sunday, but in less than 48 hours we’re already seeing improvements to the show. This morning, a much, much better video montage tribute to the James Bond franchise arrived and now, a response has been filed to Seth MacFarlane‘s pretty dumb “We Saw Your Boobs.” Ladies, your rebuttal has arrived.

New York software developer Kevin Gisi has put togther “We Saw Your Junk,” which uses the same jaunty, jazz hands tune to reel off all the actors who have flashed their wares on the big screen. It’s fun and lively, even manages to make a quick dig at MacFarlane himself, and all told is a pretty fun riff on one of Oscar night’s most obvious blunders. So kick back, and give it a spin below — well done, Gisi. [AV Club]