For almost a full year, Woody Allen has been involved in a lawsuit with Amazon over alleged breach of contract, after the tech company canceled the release of his film “A Rainy Day in New York” and ended their agreement for multiple films. But apparently, the months-long fight between the filmmaker and Amazon has now ended, with the lawsuit being dismissed in court after a deal was struck between Allen and the massive corporation.

While the specific terms of the deal were not made public, a source told Deadline that “there were no winners in this in the end.”

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Obviously, that sort of response is perfectly vague enough to say a lot without saying much at all. Clearly, to make this lawsuit go away, Amazon had to fork over some cash, likely in the tens of millions of dollars region. And for Allen, despite the lawsuit being dismissed and a check for a bunch of money coming his way, his reputation has once again taken a huge beating in the last year-plus.

Even though there are plenty of folks defending the filmmaker, the resurfacing of his decades-old sexual assault allegations against a minor, compounded by his rather unseemly comments in regards to #MeToo, has led to many actors and Hollywood types vowing not to work with him again. For his next film, for example, he didn’t even shoot in the US, and instead, he decided to stay in Europe, much like another blacklisted filmmaker, Roman Polanski.

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At the end of the day, if nothing else, then at least this lawsuit is over and both Amazon and Allen can move along and figure out their respective futures apart from each other. The tech company, clearly, will be just fine, as its deal with the filmmaker was just one of many that it has with writers, producers, directors, and actors. And for Allen, he is likely going to keep making his films for his audience, and hope that eventually they will be seen all around the world if a distributor will give him the chance.