In Warner Bros. and DC Films‘ continued bid to drive fan expectations so low that anything that isn’t a total abomination can be deemed a success, the writer for “Suicide Squad 2” has been found. And it’s someone whose touch with franchises hasn’t been so hot.

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Adam Cozad, the pen behind last summer’s middlingly received “The Legend Of Tarzan” and reboot failure “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,” has been tapped for the “Suicide Squad” sequel. The film will be gearshift of sorts, with David Ayer no longer involved, since he’s working with Margot Robbie on the Harley Quinn spinoff “Gotham City Sirens” instead.

I would imagine that whatever Cozad comes up with will merely be the foundation for whoever eventually directs, because as The Batman” reminds us, directors come into these blockbusters willing to work in the beast of the tentpole machine, with the tradeoff that they’ll get to tell a story that’s suited to their interests and sensibilities. So, we’ll see how this progresses, but we’re really at the starting gate here for this one.

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  • jawsnnn

    I watched Tarzan yesterday. It had a decent even good story/script with really REALLY bad direction. The editing was off, the tone was inconsistent and the actors seemed to be on auto-pilot. David Yates’ fault not the script writers’.