Receiving critical acclaim for his films like “Mommy,” “I Killed My Mother,” and “It’s Only the End of the World,” Xavier Dolan is fast becoming one of the most talked-about filmmakers working today. While he is currently in pre-production on the film “The Death and Life of John F. Donovan,” Dolan took time on his Instagram to shout out another film that has been on his mind, “Love, Simon.”

As we detailed in our recent review, “Love, Simon” is a coming-of-age film that is significant, not only because it’s actually really damn good, but also for featuring a gay character as the lead in a major studio film. The film was released recently, and the openly-gay Dolan decided to praise the film on social media.

“…let’s not discuss the movie itself, but rather focus on its existence, and the fact a major studio has released a film on a teen coming out. A door has opened, which has opened before, but this time, I can see the light pouring in,” said Dolan on Instagram.

“I’ve watched so many LGBTQ films as a kid, desperately looking for answers… Most of them were brilliant and invigorating for the young artist I wanted to be, but left the young man I was with little to hope for. Suicides, heartbreaks, bullying, gay-bashing… ‘Love, Simon,’ in all its earnestness, in all its normalcy, shows the struggle of coming out, but with an inspiring conclusion for teenagers who will see ‘Love, Simon’ because they don’t feel ‘normal,’” he continued.

Ultimately, Dolan’s is proud of the film for being a big step for the industry, which normally portrays queer characters as “comic supporting roles.” “Love, Simon” presents a gay character with a narrative designed around him, in a sweet, teen romance film.

“Had a movie like that existed when I was 15, I maybe wouldn’t have lied to my father about that Ashton Kutcher poster I pretended to give my cousin Stefanie in front of him while it was actually mine. Had I seen [‘Love, Simon’] then, things would’ve been different,” Dolan said.

“Love, Simon” is in theaters now.