We all knew that HBO wasn’t going to let “Game Of Thrones” simply drift away after the eighth, and final season next year. There has long been chatter about potential prequels and spinoffs, but last week it was revealed the network is really going hard on spinoff ideas, with a slate of writers tackling four different projects, with the scribes including Max Borenstein (“Godzilla,” “Kong: Skull Island”), Jane Goldman (“Kick-Ass,” “Kingsman: The Secret Service”), Brian Helgeland (“L.A. Confidential”), and Carly Wray (“Mad Men,” “The Leftovers,” “Westworld“) who is working with franchise creator George R. R. Martin. The possibilities are endless, but don’t ring up Jaime Lannister for any more adventures.

Speaking with SoundvenueNikolaj Coster-Waldau has politely rejected the idea of returning to the fantasy drama, as he’s eager to do different things.

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“No, it is of no interest. I don’t want to seem ungrateful because God knows ‘Game of Thrones’ has been a positive experience on every level. I have been very lucky, and it’s been so fun playing Jaime. But it’s a long time of your professional life to spend on one thing and one character. And the series has just grown so big. The first couple of years the attention was peaking when the series was on, and then it relaxed a bit. But now it’s a more constant thing. I wouldn’t mind if things got a little less intense,” the actor explained.
Coster-Waldau is eager to “see how it ends,” but also is ready to carve a new career path. “In the first ten years of my career, I was Nikolaj from ‘Nightwatch.’ Now it’s ‘Game of Thrones’ instead,” he added.
Time will tell if Coster-Waldau can find a new claim to fame, but that “Game Of Thrones” tattoo will be a hard one to erase. “Game Of Thrones” season seven launches on July 16th.