No career transitions have been as surprising — and as welcome — as the pivot of ‘Twilight‘ stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart from blockbuster jokes to the darlings of the independent film world. Both actors having shed their skin and proven themselves to be versatile and surprisingly deep performers, Pattinson in particular has shown a surprising affinity for secondary roles. His performance in “The Lost City of Z,” for example, buries the actor behind an enormous beard and features him onscreen for a surprisingly small percentage of the film’s long running time. For anyone else it would be an interesting change of pace. For Pattinson, it’s the work he finds interesting.

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In a conversation with Collider today, Pattinson discussed the new direction his career was taking, including his ability to work with new directors like Claire Denis and an unannounced director that, well, “I don’t know if I can say yet,” the actor admitted. After a little bit of prompting from the interviewer, however, Pattinson relented, admitting that he would be working with “Christine” director Antonio Campos. Here’s what Pattinson had to say about the project:

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The part with him is like — I mean, he actually wanted me to do a different part and I was like, “No this is the part.” It’s this absolutely degenerate [laughs].

As much as Pattinson could’ve been one of the great leading men of his generation, degenerates are where the actor makes his bread and butter. Movies like this past month’s “The Lost City of Z” or “The Rover” prove that Pattinson has a knack for playing likably-unlikable characters, and whatever Campos has in mind for the actor will likely build off this side of his career. And if you’re wondering when this film might be seen, remember that Campos has long been a favorite of the Cannes Film Festival — “Afterschool,” “The Last 15,” and “Buy It Now” were all nominated for various awards at the festival, so it wouldn’t surprise us to see this mystery project be a frontrunner for the 2018 lineup.


  • nikola6

    Pattinson is about to turn 31. Still plenty of time for him to become one of the great leading men of his generation. He’s already got the global fame and now he’s earning his street cred as an actor. Give him a few years, till his mid thirties (when most actors start to come into their strongest leading man roles) and if he wants it, then he can have it. Indie darlings who are in fact, movie stars (Depp and DiCaprio come to mind), eventually get into the studio game and I suspect, at some point, Pattinson will too. And not abandon the indies altogether, but rather, mix it up. He’s a character actor cloaked in the physical visage of a classic movie star which should pretty much insure that not only will he work, but that he’ll remain a relevant film star for the rest of his life.

    • mary

      I AGREE WITH ALL YOU SAID! I hope till that moment to be able to enjoy that!

  • renata

    LOL at the stewart mention again, what is it with playlist

  • renata

    Robert Pattinson is Leading man material. He is building his acting cred with good directors. I am looking forward to his leading man roles in two of his upcoming films Good Times and Damsel.

  • Ang1102

    Why must you always mention his former co-star in every article you write about this accomplished actor? You’re honestly worse than those crazy Twilight fans who think they are married and have 3 kids together. Move on, please. The rest of the sane world already has.

    • HB

      If you have to keep criticizing every writer who chooses to include a name you don’t want in an article, perhaps you are the one who is out of step, and should consider the strength of your adverse reaction. Much ado about nothing.

      • Ang1102

        Please only speak when you have any idea about what you’re talking about. Rob and his fiancé have been hounded by these trolls for years. KS fans say vile racists things every chance they get and the Robsten people are just mentally unstable. When their names are even mentioned in an article together, they see this as a sign they are still together. So thanks for the advice, but please sit down.

  • rocknmovie

    Enough with the K. Stewart mentions. He is his own person, doesn’t need her to find work. Meanwhile he will be in Cannes in 3 weeks. His next two movies will be leading roles, Good Time (Cannes bound) and Damsel. And lead role too in Claire Denis’s High Life. Leading men like Newman and Redford was/is excellent actors too.

    • HB

      Rob is his own person, and if he’s not having an adverse reactions to these articles then why should you? He’s doing great. If you can’t except that they are linked with Twilight and likely always will be, then your possibility fanning the wrong person. You can’t keep criticizing every article and being negative just because you have a problem with a name. It’s not your call.