Spike TV is perhaps best known for their constant stream of reality shows dealing with tattoos and bars. They’re also the home of the “Guys Choice Awards,” which presents such awards as “Our New Girlfriend” and “Unstoppable Jock.” With that in mind, you may be surprised to know that the latest bit of original programming from the network is a heartwarming feature length documentary focusing on the life and career of Heath Ledger.

A trailer was just released for “I Am Heath Ledger,” and in it, viewers get the chance to see what looks to be a truly emotional and stirring look at one of the greatest actors of his generation. “I Am Heath Ledger” is directed by Derik Murray and uses interviews with various friends and collaborators of the deceased actor, as well as a good amount of home video footage shot by Ledger himself.

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Telling the story about the actor who tragically passed away in 2008, the documentary pulls the curtain back on his famed career and shows a side to Ledger that many of his fans never got the chance to see. Naomi Watts, Ben Harper, Ben Mendelsohn, and Ang Lee are just several of the actor’s friends that are contributing to the doc with stories about his personal life, as well as Ledger’s untapped career aspirations including becoming a director.

“I Am Heath Ledger” is scheduled to premiere at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival before opening in theaters in a limited run on May 3. After a two week run, the film will be shown on Spike TV on May 17.