Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler might not be the first people you’d expect to pair up and do an interview piece together about their respective films and the future of the medium. However, thanks to the folks at Variety, that’s exactly what happened, as the stars recently talked to each other about their respective projects, “Uncut Gems,” “Ad Astra,” and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” as well as the dominance of streaming services.

One of the more interesting topics of conversation that arose from the interview is the discussion of how Adam Sandler was one of the first major names to sign an exclusive deal with Netflix, and how it appears that streaming is changing the way films are consumed.

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“I lucked out doing that,” said Sandler about signing an exclusive deal with Netflix.

He added, “They were interested in working together; they were so passionate. I’m just tight with Netflix. They love providing opportunities for many different types of comedies.”

Sandler has seen that gamble pay off, not just monetarily but also with exposure. Despite the reviews for his Netflix films being a bit…mixed (putting it mildly), there’s no doubt that the actor’s work has been one of the biggest draws around the world for the streaming service. And clearly, it’s provided Sandler with a way to make the types of films he wants to, with the freedom he desires.

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But with the rise of streaming, there’s also been the discussion about the good, bad, and ugly surrounding the idea that people are more willing than ever to stay home to watch films instead of going out to their local multiplex. Even though there’s a definite shift, Sandler doesn’t see this as the death of the theatrical experience.

“I don’t think stuff goes away forever,” said Sandler. “I just think this is where it’s at right now. I saw ‘Ad Astra’ at home, on my screen, and it felt more private. I love being alone with it, because I was digging the sound design. I was digging the shots, and the quiet stuff on the moon. It rocked me hard.”

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Pitt added that there are both pros and cons for the new era of streaming content, saying, “The upside of films through streaming is a lot of them get more eyes on it; more people actually see them. The downside: There’s so much material that they can become disposable.”

However, even though there’s really no answer to the discussion over whether or not streaming is terrible for the film industry and theater owners, Sandler does say that at least one person at Netflix loves the art form and isn’t trying to destroy it.

Ted Sarandos [Netflix Chief Content Officer], does that guy care about movies, more than anyone. He really gets excited about films,” explained the actor.

Sandler will next be seen in the upcoming film “Uncut Gems,” which arrives in theaters on December 13. Pitt is involved in awards campaigning for his roles in two films, “Ad Astra” and “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.”