That Adrien Brody sure gets around, doesn’t he? Since winning Best Actor for “The Pianist,” Brody has probably had the busiest post-Oscar decade of any previous winner. Not all the work has been great, but it’s certainly been diverse, and he’s worked with a number of huge names. And yet, “Predators” stood out as a definite gamble, a strong detour turn into action hero mode. Might we see him do it again?

Speaking at New York Comic Con, Brody chatted up another potential installment in the series. “I think it’s done well enough to justify [a sequel] for sure… I think the goal initially was to make a film that is worthy of [a franchise]. The film is even structured that way, to kick in for another one. I’d be excited. I’d be excited to do it. I think that was part of the allure.” The man does not lie — he wanted to be in a movie that would guarantee him at least one more job. Smart business, this sequelizing is, especially when you go cheap; “Predators” reportedly had a budget of $40-50 million, grossing $125 million globally before surely becoming a big DVD renter.

Brody also spoke of “Ant-Man,” an upcoming Marvel project he’s been linked to that would also provide him with a tidy regular paycheck. He also admitted he learned about the news the same way you did: the Internet, which likely means that the original report was bogus as sources told us they were. “I haven’t been involved in any of those discussions – I have mentioned it to my reps who have been kind of covert about their response as well, which is very strange to me. I said ‘Is there any validity to this, what is this?’ and they said ‘Well…it’s too early to say.’ It was very strange and I kind of dropped it at that…Not everything that is bandied around the Internet is factual, but sometimes there are elements that do stem from truth that people who are in the middle of it aren’t aware of either. We’ll see.” Unfortunately, no one asked him about the “Fantastic Four” rumors that have been flying around, but if the actor knew anything about them, we assume he would have addressed them when discussing Marvel projects.

Very curious. We wonder if there’s anyone Marvel doesn’t talk to, and we have a feeling when you take a meeting with these people, they lay out a few comics and say, “pick a character.” While Brody is still a legit leading man, “Predators” didn’t exactly boost his exposure all that much, and “Splice” was a huge tank earlier this year, so he’s gonna need the exposure. Also, “Ant-Man” is one of those films that may or may not even be at a pre-production stage, so casting could be more than premature, which was why we could easily debunk Brody becoming the newest Avenger back in July.