We are merely three weeks away from the launch of Apple’s first venture into the world of original streaming content, Apple TV+. And while the tech company doesn’t have any sort of extensive film or TV library, like other studios attempting to win the Streaming Wars, the new studio is trying to entice subscribers with big, flashy filmmakers and actors. The latest “get” for Apple actually might sway even the most cynical film fan, as the company has secured acclaimed filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón into an exclusive TV deal.

Yes, we said TV, which is fairly uncharted waters for the filmmaker, who has been delighting cinephiles for decades with his deeply personal and incredibly well-crafted films. But according to Variety, he’s not abandoning film anytime soon. It’s just that he’s going to start developing TV projects and those series will find their way onto Apple TV+.

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No word on what those series might look like, but Cuarón is said to be teaming up with his producing partner Gabriela Rodriguez, who will run the production company, to help bring these ideas to streaming life.

As mentioned, Cuarón is probably best known for his films, such as last year’s Oscar-winning powerhouse, “Roma.” But he’s also delved into TV work from time to time, most notably as the co-creator of the short-lived drama, “Believe,” for which he also directed the pilot episode. However, that wasn’t even the first time Cuarón worked on an episode of TV. In the ‘80s, he directed an episode of the series “La Hora Marcada,” and in 1993, you probably remember his famous work on the TV series “Fallen Angels,” right?

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Joking aside, Cuarón is a much more accomplished filmmaker in 2019 and will likely develop plenty of TV projects that will lend some much-needed credibility to Apple. So far, to be perfectly blunt, the original streaming content that the tech company has been pushing as part of its big launch is underwhelming, as the marquee title is a drama about the making of a TV morning show, followed by a Jason Momoa-led action series about blind people. Big names, sure. But show-stopping series? That’s yet to be determined.

No word on when any fruits from this new union will be released, but Apple TV+ will launch on November 1.