A Documentary Special About The Crimes Of Armie Hammer And His Family In The Works

Thanks to the allegations against Armie Hammer that emerged in 2021, it’s safe to say the actor is persona non grata in Hollywood for the rest of his life. Hammer’s career downfall was swift, but with claims of sexual abuse, branding, and cannibalism, that’s no surprise. His future in Hollywood is as good as dead.

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Hammer’s infamy will live on, however, as ID and Discovery+ have a documentary special lined up that details Hammer’s controversy is something that runs in the family. Variety reports that “House Of Hammer,” the working title for the doc, looks at different scandals that plague five generations of the Hammer family.  

Armie’s the scion of the Hammer dynasty, with deep ties to businesses and foundations in New York and Los Angeles. His grandfather, oil tycoon Armand Hammer, ran Occidental Petroleum and had close relations with Russia, the Middle East, and the British royal family. So, there’s a bevy of arenas this documentary could potentially explore.

Variety says the special investigates “a dysfunctional dynasty with its male characters exhibiting all the devastating consequences of privilege gone wild.” We’d be surprised if there’s anything wilder here than Armie’s flesh-eating sex fantasies, but who knows?

There’s no release date for “House Of Hammer” yet, but ID and Discovery+ have many other upcoming projects to delight True Crime fans. Among those are specials about The Menendez Brothers, one titled “Who Killed Biggie And Tupac?“, and a series called “Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry?,” all premiering in late summer. So, a little something for everyone.