‘Avatar 2’ Reportedly Close To Breaking Even Already As Film Continues To Dominate Box Office

Before the release of “Avatar: The Way of Water,” James Cameron made a lot of headlines after declaring his new film would need to be one of the Top 5 highest-grossing films of all time just to break even. Many took that quote and extrapolated that Cameron wanted ‘The Way of Water’ to hit $2 billion to become profitable during its theatrical run. Well, it would appear that the filmmaker was overestimating the numbers, and in fact, the “Avatar” sequel will likely become profitable in just a matter of several more days. 

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This comes after a report in Variety, which claims that “Avatar: The Way of Water” will only (yes, “only”) need $1.5 billion worldwide to likely break even and begin to profit while in theaters. Thankfully for Cameron and the folks at 20th Century Studios/Disney, ‘The Way of Water’ is nearly there, already. With a third weekend that is expected to outgross its second weekend (yes, you read that right), “Avatar: The Way of Water” is already right at $1.4 billion worldwide. Domestically, the film has already reached $444.4 million after just over two full weeks in theaters. 

Remember what everyone was saying before the film was released—never count out James Cameron. And it really seems as if “Avatar: The Way of Water” is going to eventually cross the $2 billion mark, which not even the most optimistic pundits were predicting when the film was released in mid-December. 

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Most predictions have ‘The Way of Water’ ending up around $600 million domestically, but could see it creep up towards $700 million before everything is said and done. That still falls short of the $785 million that the original “Avatar” earned domestically back in 2009. That said, no one ever thought the new film would even come without spitting distance of the original. And internationally, the film is doing gangbusters in a way that people hoped it might, but didn’t really expect to happen. 

So, by the time “Avatar: The Way of Water” leaves theaters, whenever that might be, it’s likely that James Cameron and 20th Century Studios/Disney are going to be ecstatic about finishing up the third film and likely giving the official go-ahead to finish up the franchise with the planned fourth and fifth films. That is, after they put away all the champagne bottles that will no doubt be popping, and after James Cameron laughs in the face of all of his doubters. 

And honestly, I include myself as a “doubter,” as it seemed impossible that, in the pandemic era, this film would honestly earn money this fast and also get close to $2 billion again. Remember, it’s been 13 years since the original “Avatar,” and in that time, the only films to earn this type of money normally have “Star Wars” or Marvel attached to them. I just have to remind myself that James Cameron might just be the biggest crowd-pleasing filmmaker of all time, and someone who just has the natural instincts about what film fans are dying to see. 

“Avatar: The Way of Water” is in theaters now… and for the foreseeable future.