Betty Gilpin Talks 'The Tomorrow War,' The Untimely End of 'Glow' & More [The Playlist Podcast]

The wonderfully talented Betty Gilpin has seen a bit of a surge in her career since her show-stealing role in Netflix’s “Glow,” but now she’s trading body slams and piledrivers for tender moments with Chris Pratt in Amazon’s upcoming alien invasion blockbuster, “The Tomorrow War,” which hits Amazon Prime on July 2. Betty Gilpin joined The Playlist Podcast for a discussion on the film and her other previous and upcoming projects.

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Yes, in “The Tomorrow War,” Betty Gilpin stars as the wife of Chris Pratt’s character who has to watch her husband leave for the future to fight aliens. Seeing as Gilpin has a bit of a badass streak in her other works, we asked if she missed getting in on the action and she was quick to hilariously slap that down in our faces, saying, “Not even a little. I was so happy to be the person eating bagels and wearing big sweaters and waving as my co-stars went off to gun training and to ice their knees and shoulders.”

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We also got to touch on the untimely ending of the aforementioned Netflix series “Glow.” Gilpin even revealed that there may be some episodes just sitting around out there right now.

She explained that they “shot two episodes and then got shut down.” As for her feelings about the cancellation and possible continuation, Gilpin said, “I was disappointed, but nothing surprises me in this business anymore. I got to do three years of it, and I wish we had gotten to do another one, but I don’t know. Never say never!”

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“The Tomorrow War” hits Amazon Prime on July 2. You can hear the full discussion below:

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