Dystopian fiction is always a great inspiration for quality film and TV projects. There’s something about a world that is so unlike our own, and possibly frightening, that makes people eager to learn more. So, it makes sense that Peacock is hoping that Aldous Huxley’s classic novel, “Brave New World,” can be turned into one of the streaming platform’s first major series.

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As seen in the new teaser for “Brave New World,” the novel’s story of a dystopian future where science has created a perfect society remains the focal point, as the World State is a place where advancement has eliminated the need for money, family, monogamy, and other social constructs that rule our current world. But everything gets thrown into chaos when one of the lesser people, known as John the Savage gets thrown into this idyllic society.

The novel stands as a hugely influential masterpiece that has inspired countless other fictional worlds. And while the series is based on the novel that predates stories such as “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “1984,” it’s clear that those stories are proof that “Brave New World” can be a hit on Peacock.

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The series stars Alden Ehrenreich as John the Savage. The actor is best known for his role as Han Solo in the disappointing “Star Wars” spin-off film, ‘Solo.’ Though ‘Solo’ wasn’t well-received, Ehrenreich’s performance wasn’t one of the biggest issues with the film, as the actor clearly has talent and charisma to lead. Since then, he hasn’t had a starring role and hopes to turn “Brave New World” into his next big hit.

He’s joined by Jessica Brown Findlay, Demi Moore, Harry Lloyd, and Hannah John-Kamen in the cast of the new series.

“Brave New World” is not only going to premiere on Peacock but will also debut on Sky in the UK. You can watch the teaser below.

An earlier version of this article mistakenly said that “Brave New World” would premiere on HBO Max, but it will instead premiere on Peacock. Too many streaming services! Apologies.