Melding the beautiful imagery you’d expect from a Terrence Malick film, with the playfulness and provocation of Lars von Trier, director Carlos Reygadas has carved out his own corner of the arthouse world. He’s staked his name on audacious, challenging works like “Silent Night,” “Battle In Heaven,” and his most recent, “Post Tenebras Lux.” But that film was released four years ago, and other than helming a short, it’s been quiet from Reygadas’ corner. Until now.

The filmmaker is gearing up his next picture, with the compelling title “Where Life Is Born.” The story is set among bull-breeding ranches, and will follow Juan who must deal with his own expectations of himself, when his wife Ester leaves him for another man. The picture will also apparently deal with open relationships among its thematic and narrative elements. Sounds fascinating, and right in Reygadas’ wheelhouse.

Production is now underway, and filming is expected to continue until the end of the year. So perhaps Cannes next year? I’m sure if Reygadas gives Theirry Fremaux a ring, the call will be answered. [Variety/Screen Daily]