We’ve covered quite a few of the ways that filmmakers are keeping themselves busy during the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown/quarantine. Some are creating shorts. Others are writing scripts. And in the case of David Lynch, he’s reinvented himself as a YouTube star with his channel, David Lynch Theater. But as the film and TV industry begins to get back to work, it appears that Lynch himself is preparing to move on from his Internet stardom into another creative realm.

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Speaking to The Daily Beast, Lynch talked about his appreciation for YouTube and the outlet that the video streaming service has provided for him during these uncertain times.

“YouTube—it connects you with the world in a way,” he explains. “You get inspiration and ideas, and away you go.”

And while the YouTube side hustle seems to be going well and Lynch finds himself the topic of conversation pretty regularly, the filmmaker knows that this project, too, is fleeting. And eventually, the director will have to work on something else. What that might be, however, isn’t being revealed right now. But Lynch is more than willing to tease that there is…something else on the horizon.

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Without giving details the filmmaker admitted that “there might be things coming along that would mean less time could be spent on the channel.”

As we know with Lynch, the possibilities are endless. This is a filmmaker that has gone from being one of the best filmmakers of the modern era to creating one of the most iconic and acclaimed TV series of all time. And during quarantine, as mentioned, Lynch has reinvented himself as a lowkey YouTube star. So, it’s anyone’s guess whether or not the filmmaker has a feature, TV series, web series, or something else entirely up his sleeve.

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All we know is that we’re ready and willing to give anything created by Lynch the benefit of the doubt. Hell, we’ve been watching his weather updates for weeks, so our appreciation of the director is undeniable.

Here are some examples of some recent Lynch creations released via his YouTube channel: