David Lynch has been keeping relatively busy during the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown that has resulted. No, he hasn’t been making progress on feature films, but he has been releasing a steady stream of YouTube content, including a recent 40-minute video where he answers fan questions.

One of the more interesting answers during the recent Q&A, came when Lynch was asked which of his projects he’s most proud of. When you’re someone that has been regarded as one of the best filmmakers for decades now, it’s definitely going to be difficult to pick specific projects that stand head and shoulders over the rest. Is there a good answer?

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Can you honestly say something like “Twin Peaks: The Return” is better than the original series? Or “Blue Velvet” is better than “Mulholland Drive?” And let’s not forget “The Elephant Man,” which is only his second feature and landed 8 Oscar nominations including Best Picture and Best Director. Clearly, whatever he chooses is going to be controversial in the eyes of some fans.

Well, maybe not. You see, Lynch takes the relatively safe approach to a very difficult question while also bringing up his biggest critical failure.

“I’m proud of everything except ‘Dune,’ he admitted. “I’ve liked so much working on different movies. It’s not so much about pride but the enjoyment of doing, the enjoyment of the work. I’ve enjoyed working in all these different mediums. I feel really lucky to have been able to enjoy those things and to be able to live.”

This is far from the first time that Lynch has criticized his time working on “Dune.” The 1984 adaptation of the Frank Herbert novel isn’t without its fans, but mostly the feature is regarded as a missed opportunity and the most un-Lynch-ian David Lynch film of them all. Lynch’s displeasure with the final cut of the film even went so deep that the director asked his name to be taken off the finished product.

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Recently, the filmmaker said that the “heartache” of making that film has led him to have “zero interest” in watching the new adaptation of “Dune” directed by Denis Villeneuve. So even now, four decades later, the pain of that film cuts deep for Lynch.

This new video is the latest in a long series of content that the filmmaker has been releasing on his YouTube channel since lockdown began. In addition to regular weather updates, he’s released shorts and other goodies for fans to consume. Obviously, if you’re a fan of his work, Lynch’s channel is one you should check often.

You can watch the full Q&A below: