Emma Thompson Quits Skydance Animation Movie After John Lasseter Joins The Company

When John Lasseter was hired as Skydance Animation‘s new head by CEO Larry Ellison last month, there was understandable concern from inside the studio. Lasseter had left Disney‘s Pixar last year after allegations surfaced about his misconduct around female employees. Now, less than two months after his joining the company, the first big-name talent has departed a project at Skydance. Emma Thompson had already started recording her voice work for “Luck,” but The Hollywood Reporter reports in an exclusive that she left a result of her concerns about working with the now-controversial exec. Lasseter’s previous problems allegedly created a troubling work environment beyond even his own behavior while he was at Pixar.

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No one even knew Thompson–or anyone else–was cast in “Luck” before this news surfaced. Directed by Alessandro Carloni (“Kung Fu Panda 3“), the film hadn’t announced its vocal talent yet, though Thompson had been recording in sessions for the movie already, and presumably other actors may also be in production as well. The actress was voicing the head of a good luck organization that was fighting a bad luck one in the animated film.

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It’s still early in the process for “Luck,” so Thompson’s part could be recast. However, the fate and progress of “Luck” and another pre-Lasseter project, “Split,” aren’t clear in general after he joined the company. Directed by “Shrek” helmer Vicky Jenson, the latter film is a fantasy about a magical teen girl written by Linda Woolverton (“Maleficent“). “Luck” is currently slated for release in 2021, while “Split” doesn’t have a date yet.

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