'Falcon & Winter Soldier': New Cast Member Might Portray The "Original" Captain America

We are just months away from Marvel Studios debuting the first Kevin Feige-produced MCU TV series, “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.” With a teaser already in the wild and production months’ deep, we assumed that we had a general idea of what we could expect from the upcoming streaming series. However, with a new casting announcement, fans are going wild with speculation about a specific story that we might see in ‘Falcon.’

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According to Deadline, ‘Falcon’ has added actor Carl Lumbly to the cast of the show. Now, just without knowing anything about the role he occupies (the report doesn’t say what it is exactly), the idea of Lumbly joining the cast is great. He’s an accomplished talent that instantly adds quality to whatever show he’s a part of. However, it’s the speculation and rumors that surround his casting that has MCU fans spinning.

/Film has added to the report of Lumbly joining the cast by saying that the outlet’s sources say Lumbly will play Isaiah Bradley in the series. Fans of Marvel Comics and Captain America lore, in particular, will instantly recognize Bradley’s name as one of the most controversial characters in the canon. You see, Bradley debuted in a series called “Truth: Red, White, & Black.” The series showcased how the US Government actually used Black soldiers as guinea pigs for the Super Soldier Serum that turned 90-pound weakling Steve Rogers into Captain America. Bradley was one of those soldiers and is known as the “original” Captain America.

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/Film’s report also claims that a big plot point for ‘Falcon’ will be how Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), who was given the shield at the end of “Avengers: Endgame,” will reject his destiny as Cap, which leads the government to go in other directions (i.e.—Wyatt Russell’s US Agent character). However, when Wilson learns of Bradley’s involvement with the government and its testing, he decides to take over the mantle once and for all. Of course, the report doesn’t know for certain that Lumbly is playing Bradley in the series, but /Film is certain that the character does have a role in the series.

If that’s the case, you have to hand it to Marvel Studios for tackling a sensitive topic for “The Falcon & The Winter Soldier.” The studio could have taken the obvious route and just showcased Falcon as the new Cap. Instead, if this is true, the studio is going to tackle issues of racism and government corruption in a story about a Black man taking over the role of Captain America. That could be great.

“The Falcon & The Winter Soldier” arrives on Disney+ this August.