Quibi has yet to launch, but the mobile-focused streaming service already has unveiled quite a few programs that will fill up its library when it becomes available next month. And even though the vast majority of the programs offered by the new streaming service tend to be unscripted TV series, one of the real tests of how well this platform will do is likely the feature film, “#FreeRayshawn.”

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As seen in the trailer for “#FreeRayshawn,” the film follows the story of a young veteran that finds himself trapped in his apartment after running from the police. The young guy claims that the police set him up and now they’re trying to cover their tracks, so he’s willing to defend himself if they attempt to break into his home. Stopping the whole situation from escalating is one police negotiator that wants to see everyone come out of this in one piece.

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The trailer and premise are clearly enough to get the average film fan interested, but it’s the cast and crew, as well as the Quibi of it all, that are really what pique most people’s fascination with “#FreeRayshawn.” The film stars Stephan James (“If Beale Street Could Talk”) and Laurence Fishburne (a million great films), and it’s directed by none other than Antoine Fuqua (“Training Day” and “The Equalizer”).

But even with that cast and creative talent, the film is released on Quibi, which is focused on delivering content for smartphones and tablets, portrait mode or landscape, and delivered in “quick bite” chunks (normally around 10 minutes). So, this doesn’t have the typical release, even by streaming standards. That being said, it does look pretty good, so this may be the breakout hit that launches Quibi into the upper echelon of streaming platforms.

“#FreeRayshawn” arrives on Quibi in April.

Here’s the synopsis:

Stephan James is a young veteran. Laurence Fishburne is a sympathetic negotiator. And together, they have one brutally stressful day in New Orleans.