In a world already oversaturated with streaming services, the folks at FX have decided to do the right thing and ditch their own platform and join up with a bigger service thanks to the Disney purchase of Fox in 2019 and the eventual takeover of Hulu. So, instead of us talking about FX launching something called FX Max and charging $15 per month, we are happy to say that the network has instead decided to put all its eggs in the Hulu basket. And honestly, thanks to a new brief preview of what’s to come in this partnership, it appears that Hulu is finally going to be a must-watch streamer.

The venture is officially called “FX on Hulu” and it consists of a subsection of the streaming platform designed to highlight the very best programming from FX with some web-only series that require the standard monthly Hulu subscription. But those thinking that you can just catch all the awesomeness on traditional TV are out of luck, as the new video shows that some of the most interesting series coming to FX in 2020 are going to be exclusive to Hulu. So, again, it’s time to make tough choices as Hulu is now a serious contender in the Streaming Wars.

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What all are previewed in this new video? Well, only four of our most anticipated shows of the year, including “Devs,” “Mrs. America,” “A Teacher,” and “The Old Man.”

“Devs” is (in my sincere opinion) the most exciting show of 2020, as it’s the next project from writer-director Alex Garland, who in the last several years has turned in two of the very best sci-fi films of the modern era with “Ex Machina” and “Annihilation.” The term “masterpiece” gets thrown around fairly liberally nowadays but the word definitely applies to the first two films from this filmmaker. So, you better believe that “Devs” is expected to not only be good but be great. Oh yeah, and it also stars Nick Offerman in a dramatic role and Sonoya Mizuno (standout from “Ex Machina” and “Crazy Rich Asians”) in the lead.

“Mrs. America” should be on your radar for one simple reason — Cate Blanchett. That’s right, one of the very best actors on the planet is coming to FX on Hulu and she’s bringing some talented ladies with her such as Elizabeth Banks, Rose Byrne, Sarah Paulson, and Uzo Aduba. The series tells the story of unexpected backlash to the Equal Rights Amendment.

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“A Teacher” focuses on the taboo subject of a high school teacher having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a male student, which is the type of plot that could go very badly. However, the series is based on the Hannah Fidell film of the same name, with the filmmaker returning to write and direct the series. Adding to our excitement is that the lead is played by Kate Mara, who is always great.

And finally, you have “The Old Man.” What else is there to say about this other than it stars Jeff Bridges as a former CIA badass that has to come out of retirement and do badass things? Let’s be real, we need this.

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As mentioned, all of these shows are going to be exclusive to FX on Hulu in 2020. You can watch the preview below: